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OneGo: Subscription-Based “Netflix for Air Travel”

by Joseph


For people who find themselves on airplanes multiple times a month, an app that allows users to pay a flat monthly subscription rate in order to take unlimited flights might start to sound pretty attractive. That’s just the service offered by OneGo, the latest app that aims to Netflix-ify another corner of the marketplace.

OneGo offers plans ranging from $1,500 to $2,950 a month, for (theoretically) unlimited round trip flights on select carriers. That’s a lot of money, but the price tag isn’t the only caveat: The service is currently restricted to economy class fares within the continental United States and is subject to certain reservation limits. But if this turns out to be a feasible business model, one could expect this and other services like it to improve, and it could be a viable option for both frequent travelers and people who’d like to travel more but can’t afford it.

For more, and to try OneGo for yourself, head over to the service’s official site right here.

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