Home Style “One Obsession”: Oakley Launches New Ad Campaign (Video)

“One Obsession”: Oakley Launches New Ad Campaign (Video)

by Joseph
Oakley One Obsession Campaign

Oakley One Obsession Campaign

Oakley has unveiled their new multimedia advertising campaign that’s going to stretch across TV, social media, live events, retail locations, and more, with a trailer that sums up the theme of the whole thing. It’s called “One Obsession,” and it’s about all the different activities the people who wear Oakley products do while wearing them.

Oakley’s “One Obsession” campaign boasts a reported 450+ Oakley athletes that wear Oakley sunglasses all over the world. It’s that globe-spanning vibe that makes up the main thrust of the campaign, which also includes a social media component in the form of the #LiveYours hashtag, because everything has to include a hashtag now.

There’s a good chance you’ll be seeing more from Oakley’s “One Obsession” campaign as the year goes on, but for now you can check out the campaign trailer below. And for more, head over to Oakley campaign’s official site right here.

Here’s the trailer:

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