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‘One Dollar Bill’ by Andy Warhol Sells for $30.7 Million

by Joseph
One Dollar Bill

One Dollar Bill

Pop art lore says that a friend once asked Andy Warhol to paint what he loved most, and the result was One Dollar Bill, one of the all-time great odes to the Almighty Dollar. Now, his painting has sold at a Sotheby’s auction for around 30.7 million one dollar bills.

One Dollar Bill is kind of an unusual work for Warhol, as it was painted by hand by the artist in 1962, before his famous silkscreen process was developed. Appropriately enough, the painting originally belonged to Warhol’s business manager, and its recent $30+ million sale was part of a record-breaking night of art sales as Sotheby’s.

You can read more about that night over at the official recap of the auction at the Sotheby’s site right here. And remember: If anyone asks you to paint/draw/write/sing/whatever about what you love most, be totally honest, because whatever you do could be worth millions one day.

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