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“One Before the 1”: Nike Air Max 1 Ancestral Design Teaser (Video)

by Joseph
One Before the 1

One Before the 1

March 26th is Nike Air Max Day, and in advance of that momentous occasion Nike has released a teaser for a design that predates the famous Air Max 1. It’s being called the “One Before the 1,” and the accompanying teaser is a very cool look at what should be a pretty exciting design for Nike fans.

“One Before the 1” comes from the desk of Tinker Hatfield, where it has languished since 1985, when Hatfield and fellow Nike designer Mark Parker first proposed the concept of a sneaker with externally visible Nike Air cushioning. As the legend goes, this proto-Air-Max design was considered too radical at the time, never to be seen publicly. Until, that is, this March 26th.

You can watch Nike’s great “One Before the 1” teaser for yourself below. As for what the unveiling of the design will actually be like, for that we’ll have to wait until March 26th, but for now you can check out Nike’s historical Air Max site right here.

Here’s the video:


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