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On My Way: Amazon Considering Crowdsourced Delivery System

by Joseph
Amazon On My Way

Amazon On My Way

Imagine if during your errands for the day you could pick up a little extra money by dropping off someone’s Amazon package. That’s the scenario reportedly being looked into by Amazon, for a crowdsouced delivery feature it’s internally referring to as On My Way.

If recent reports are to be believed, Amazon On My Way would partner brick-and-mortar retailers with regular customers (like you!), by storing packages at retail locations to be picked up and dropped off at the user’s convenience – and in exchange for a little bit of money on the side. The idea has a little bit in common with Amazon Locker, which puts automated lockers in places like 7-Elevens or parking garages where people can pick up their stuff if for some reason they don’t want it delivered to their home or office.

Of course, there are a lot of potential problems that would need to be worked out before Amazon On My Way becomes a viable service – for instance, who would be responsible in the event of a lost package? How much would a package delivery have to be worth in order to A) Entice customers to go through the trouble, and B) Still be cheaper than UPS or the post office? But assuming Amazon figures out a way to answer these questions (they usually do), we might be seeing an army of amateur Amazon deliverers making shipments in the near future.

For more info, check out a report on Amazon On My Way right here.

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