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OM/ONE Levitating Bluetooth Speaker (Video)

by Joseph
OM/ONE Levitating Speaker

OM/ONE Levitating Speaker

On the list of impressive things for speakers to do, “levitate” would have to be close to the top. Now it’s a reality, with the OM/ONE levitating Bluetooth speaker, billed as the first of its kind by Om Audio.

The OM/ONE is equipped with an array of features that you’d expect from a cutting-edge piece of audio equipment, like Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, clear audio quality, and portability. Only it actually LEVITATES over its base thanks to a system of electromagnets – a surefire way to impress visitors and loved ones when they come over and see you listening to Soundgarden on a levitating orb.

If you’re skeptical just check out the video on the OM/ONE below, which shows the history of how it was designed as well as some cool shots of the orb in action. And to buy your own, head over to Om Audio’s website for the product right here.

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