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Omega Speedmaster Mark II Watch

by Joseph
Omega Speedmaster Mark II

Omega Speedmaster Mark II

The Omega Speedmaster watch first hit the most stylish wrists back in 1969, and now Omega is releasing the sequel. It’s the Omega Speedmaster Mark II, and it’s so committed to bringing back the earlier fashion that there isn’t even any “Mark II” branding anywhere on the watch.

But the lack of explicit “Mark II” branding doesn’t mean the Omega Speedmaster Mark II doesn’t represent any advances over its older sibling. The watch is run by a Omega Calibre 3330 automatic movement, as well as a certified COSC Chronometer, which makes this an up-to-date watch on the inside while a retro one on the outside.

Another thing that’s changed since 1969 is the price of an Omega Speedmaster. The Mark II is currently available from the Omega website here with a price tag of $6,250, which will probably give you pause unless you’ve been saving up since the 70s. Still, it’s a nice looking watch, isn’t it?

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