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OMATA One Analog GPS Speedometer

by Joseph


There’s no shortage of devices for tracking speed (and distance, and calories burned, and texts received, and Facebook alerts, and on and on and on) while you bike, but most of them contribute to the overall culture of information overload that can be detrimental to exercise. OMATA ONEĀ is a bike speedometer that only focuses on what’s really important: “Speed, distance, ascent, and time.”

OMATA One has a GPS chip inside that sends all this data to whatever fitness app you choose to sync it up with, but while you’re on the road it looks all the world like an old-fashioned, analog speedometer – truly the best of both worlds as far as bike route tracking is concerned, with no precision being sacrificed for the ostensible analog functionality.

You can pre-order the OMATA One for around $500 on Kickstarter, but first you can get some more info on the product at its official site right here.

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