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Om Sound System: Solar-Powered Outdoor Speakers

by Joseph
Om Sound System

Om Sound System

The natural¬†outdoors are known for providing a rich symphony to all of its visitors who care to listen. But you can only hear enough crickets and wind blowing through trees before you start craving a little slap bass or electric guitar or something. For those situations, there’s the Om Sound System, a speaker system designed to work outside.

Not only is the Om Sound System weather-resistant (although it’s probably not recommended that you sit outside in the rain and listen to music), each speaker in the system is outfitted with its own solar panel on the top that provides it with power. It’s Bluetooth compatible, naturally, so your entire digital music library can become your outdoor music library in the time it takes you to set it up.

Unfortunately, setup time pales in comparison to how long you might have to wait to actually get one, since pricing and other information are only available on request at the Om Sound System site here. But keep your head low to the ground and stay focused, and you might be jamming outside with the birds, spiders, and flies in no time.

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