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OLO: “The World’s First Ever Smartphone Printer” (Video)

by Joseph


The dream of being able to plug your smartphone into a 3D printer that you can in turn carry around with you has been anticipated since the beginning of the 3D printing era, and now “the world’s first ever smartphone printer” is finally here.  It’s OLO, now in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign with pre-orders starting at around a hundred dollars.

OLO is possible because it’s powered by existing smartphone technology.  Even simpler, it uses the light from the screen of your phone in conjunction with special photosensitive resins to create 3D-printed models (like the one seen in the photo above) more easily and cheaply than previously thought possible.

You can see OLO in action in the video below, and its official site (along with links to the project’s ongoing Kickstarter campaign) can be found right here. Some of the pre-order stock are already sold out, but as of this writing you can get an OLO gift pack for $119, with delivery expected in September.

Here’s the video:

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