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Olio Model One Smartwatch

by Joseph
Olio Model One

Olio Model One

The smartwatch market seems to be getting more and more saturated all the time, which makes it increasingly difficult for any one entry in the field to stand out from the pack. But the Olio Model One manages that feat anyway, thanks in part to the team behind it, made up of veterans from brands like Apple, Beats, Pixar, NASA, and others.

But really the Olio Model One stands on its own merits, over and above the people who produced it. In addition to handling the usual smartphone notifications, it’s got a sleek stainless steel body that looks more like a stylish analog watch than something with these kind of smart features. And it can sort those notifications in an unorthodox way – into two categories, “Earlier” and “Later,” which if you think about it is really all the categories you need from a smartwatch anyway.

The initial production run of the Olio Model One smartwatch will be only 500 pieces, each one costing $600 and up. Release details are still to come, but you can get a lot more information (plus sign up for more updates) at the official Olio site right here.


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