Home Entertainment OlegCricket Posts Insane High-Altitude Parkour Run (Video)

OlegCricket Posts Insane High-Altitude Parkour Run (Video)

by Joseph
OlegCricket Insane Parkour Run

OlegCricket Insane Parkour Run

Parkour has become a punchline thanks to its goofy name and brief run as a fad for teenagers, but apparently there’s actually some legit stuff going on in the parkour landscape. I say that after having seen the latest video from OlegCricket, showing what he describes as an “insane parkour run” over the ledge of a very tall building.

“Insane” is right. Even though the video is only 15 seconds long, it’s one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen – OlegCricket bounds across multiple outcroppings on top of a skyscraper in what might be Dubai, and he’s either very skilled or very lucky (or both), because he (spoiler alert) makes it all the way to the other side without falling.

You can watch OlegCricket’s self-described insane parkour run for yourself below – and it will probably make you think twice about ever making fun of parkour again (OK, maybe not). And for more, check out his official YouTube channel right here.

Here’s the video:

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