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‘Oldboy’: New Posters And Teaser (Photos and Video)

by Joseph
Oldboy Posters
Oldboy PostersOldboy PostersOldboy PostersOldboy PostersOldboy PostersOldboy Posters


Director Spike Lee‘s upcoming remake of the Korean cult thriller Oldboy has an unusual marketing campaign to go along with its (presumably) unusual content. You can see how unusual by taking a look at the new posters and teaser video that recently hit the internet.

In case you haven’t seen the original movie (which you should do ASAP), it’s about a man (played by Josh Brolin in Lee’s version) who is imprisoned in a small room for 15 years, framed for the murder of his family, and eventually ensnared in an even greater plot for revenge. This teaser and posters are focused on the forced-imprisonment part, serving as faux advertisements for the “Hotel Oldboy.”

In addition to the posters in the above gallery, you can watch the teaser, featuring Samuel L. Jackson, below. And Oldboy hits theaters on November 27th.

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