Home Entertainment Old Spice Releases Super-Weird “Mom Song” Commercial (Video)

Old Spice Releases Super-Weird “Mom Song” Commercial (Video)

by Joseph
Old Spice mom song

Old Spice mom song

Usually with TV commercials you can kind of tell what demographic the brand was going for when they made the commercial. In the case of the Old Spice ad currently taking off like wildfire on the internet, I think they were just going for “people who share weird stuff on Facebook.”

Apologies in advance for using the word “weird” so often in this article, but it really is the best word for this Old Spice commercial. It’s called “Mom Song,” presumably because it features a variety of stereotypical moms lamenting the budding sexuality of their young sons in song form. And that’s not even close to being the weirdest thing about the ad—that would be the unusual ways that the moms insert themselves into each scene.

Come to think of it, words will inevitably fail anyone who tries to describe what goes on in the Old Spice “Mom Song” ad, so you better just watch it for yourself below. And then, uh, buy some Old Spice? I guess?

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