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Old Limestone Mixing Water

by Joseph
Old Limestone Mixing Water

Old Limestone Mixing Water

It is said that one of the things that gives genuine Kentucky bourbon its unique flavor is the natural aquatic resources in Kentucky, which you can’t get out of a tap anywhere else in the world. You can, however, bottle it and sell it to people, which is exactly what the people at Old Limestone Mixing Water are doing.

Old Limestone founder Doug Keeney sums up his company’s product like so:

“Here in Kentucky, we bottle the best water in the world. It tastes so good alone but splash a little in your bourbon or make some ice cubes and you’ll know what we mean.”

Old Limestone Mixing Water purportedly brings out flavors in bourbon that no other water can, thanks to Kentucky’s natural limestone filtering which gives the state its unusually pure water. And it comes in a nice, flint glass bottle that will look great on any home bar.

You can get a $10 bottle of Old Limestone Mixing Water, or just read a lot more about the company, at the Old Limestone site here.


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