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OKA: Charred Wood Tumbler for Best-Tasting Whiskey

by Joseph


True whiskey aficionados are aware of the deceptively subtle effects on flavor that their choice of drinking receptacle can have on a whiskey. One might then be tempted to try and drink the stuff directly from the cask, so as not to disrupt any of its flavor or aroma – but since that’s a recipe for ending up on the local news under the headline MAN BREAKS INTO DISTILLERY, FOUND PASSED OUT UNDERNEATH WHISKEY BARREL, you’ll have to settle for OKA.

OKA is a charred wood tumbler specifically designed by Toms Liepkalns for the consumption of whiskey. Not only that, it’s constructed from premium white oak and internally charred in the same way that actual whiskey barrels are.

You’ve got about a month left to get in on the ground floor of the OKA Kickstarter campaign here, where the four-ounce tumbler can be pre-ordered starting at about $39. Deliveries start in April.

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