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OJO: A Dedicated Projector for the Nintendo Switch

by Joseph


Playing video games projected on a giant screen – or, better yet, a wall – is one of the great underrated pleasures of modern life. So it’s good news that the “world’s first projector for Nintendo Switch,” as it’s billed, is on the way. It’s OJO, soon to be the subject of a crowdfunding campaign to bring it into production (per YesOJO via NintendoLife):

“We plan to go to Indiegogo for crowdfunding and expect to have 100k units sold next year. Our whole team have put great efforts and investment into this project and we have strong confidence that the product will be successful.”

Now, OJO’s status as the world’s first projector of its type is somewhat up for debate, but compared to other comparable products the OJO is a singularly portable and convenient unit that does what no other individual device does. Stay tuned for more information and the eventual release of the OJO Nintendo Switch projector.

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