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Oi: The Bike Bell Reimagined by Knog

by Joseph


The bicycle bell isn’t known throughout any of its various incarnations for being particularly clever or novel in its design, which is exactly why it was due for an upgrade. That upgrade is now here, and it’s called Oi, the latest proposed project from Knog.

Oi hasn’t even reached its initial crowdfunding phase yet — instead, Knog is looking for feedback on the project before it goes live. But the reimagined bike bell is a pretty cool item, and one that will hopefully find a lot of support, thanks to its glockenspiel-inspired design that allows for loud, clear sound without the visual ugliness that most bicycle bells bring to the table.

For now, you can check out the Oi Kickstarter “draft” right here, and provide its makers at Knog with some feedback should you choose to do so. Stay tuned for when the project goes live, which will ideally be very soon.

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