Home Entertainment ‘Official: Hoverboard Commercial’ is Yet Another ‘Back to the Future’ Thing (Video)

‘Official: Hoverboard Commercial’ is Yet Another ‘Back to the Future’ Thing (Video)

by Joseph
Official: Hoverboard Commercial

Official: Hoverboard Commercial

Look, I know you’re probably getting tired of hearing about all the Back to the Future Part II stuff that Universal is putting online in honor of the movie’s time-travel anniversary coming up on October 21st, 2015, but the dilemma I face is that most of it is pretty funny and worth sharing. Case in point, a video now making the rounds entitled Official: Hoverboard Commercial.

Official: Hoverboard Commercial, awkward titling aside, is a pretty good parody of “x-treme” advertising of, come to think of it, the early-to-mid 90s rather than the mid-80s Back to the Future heyday.  But I guess when you start jumping around in the timestream, things get a little muddled. And no, it’s not an actual commercial for any real hoverboard product, but now that real hoverboards exist I don’t see any point in getting too upset about that.

Instead, just watch and enjoy Official: Hoverboard Commercial in conjunction with the 30th anniversary Back to the Future trilogy box sets you can see more about here.

Here’s the video:

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