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Official “Batman: Arkham Knight” Video Game Trailer Released

by Joseph
Batman Arkham Knight Trailer

Batman Arkham Knight Trailer

The upcoming installment of the hugely popular Arkham video game series featuring the one and only Caped Crusader has hit the internet. It’s Batman: Arkham Knight, and the new trailer is titled “Evening the Odds,” which is definitely something Batman is known to do from time to time.

The “Evening the Odds” trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight shows Batman going up against an array of villains with some of his signature gadgets, including a brand new Batmobile. These characters include famous foes like Two-Face and the Scarecrow, as well as a new villain, the titular Arkham Knight, who by the end of the trailer would seem to have the upper hand on the World’s Greatest Detective.

While we all know how that will probably turn out, it will still be fun to play through Batman: Arkham Knight to find out. And you’ll be able to do that once the game hits shelves in October. For now, you can check out the “Evening the Odds” trailer for yourself below.

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