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Off The Menu: Secret Menu App

by Joseph
Off The Menu

Off The Menu

As we all know, some secret menus are more secret than others. For those extra-secret menus, you used to need to know someone at the restaurant or an experienced customer – but now there’s the Off The Menu app, which can set you up with all the secret menu items you could want in restaurant-heavy cities throughout the country.

Off The Menu aims to give users information on every secret menu item within a given city – of course, it may or may not achieve this, and how would anyone know? That’s the downside to the whole secrecy thing. But the secret menu items it does feature come with detailed descriptions, so you know what you’re getting even before you awkwardly order it.

Best of all, Off The Menu is a free app for iOS devices right here, so you can devote more funds to those secret menu items – probably a good idea, since I guess they can charge you however much they want for them.

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