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Portuguese Street Artist Odeith Creates Amazing 3D Graffiti (Photos)

by Joseph

Take one look at a work from Portuguese street artist Odeith, and you might think he’s come up with some way to defy gravity, or that at the very least he’s working with some very thin wires. But actually, his work isn’t actually 3D at all, but instead it’s based around the optical illusion of three dimensions.

Other artists have worked with anamorphic 3D optical illusions before, but rarely as convincingly as Odeith.  Many of the pieces you’ll soon see look for all the world like magically floating 3D sculptures, rather than the flat paintings they actually are. And the artist encourages the illusion down to the smallest detail, like shadows on the ground.

You can see just how convincing Odeith’s 3D street art is by checking some photos of it out in the gallery below. And for more from the artists, head over to his official website here.

Here’s the gallery:


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