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Oddka Vodka Comes In Several Odd Flavors (Video)

by Joseph
Oddka Vodka

Oddka Vodka

Like Grillain Villains before it, Oddka Vodka is a rhyming novelty product that probably came into the world name-first. In any case, Oddka Vodka definitely earns its clever name with its bizarre range of flavors, including “Electricity,” “Fresh Cut Grass,” and “Wasabi.”

Think of Oddka Vodka as sort of the Jelly Belly of vodkas. The analogy holds because Oddka Vodka is designed to be enjoyed both on its own and as an ingredient in your newly-creative cocktails—imagine the possibilities of using Electricity-flavored vodka in a martini.

You can check out Oddka Vodka’s unusual website here for more information on the product, and you can watch a pretty funny promotional video below.

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