Home Entertainment Oddball: “The Drum Machine Crammed in a Ball” (Video)

Oddball: “The Drum Machine Crammed in a Ball” (Video)

by Joseph


I’m a big fan of Brian Eno, whose specialty (or at least one of them) for the last few decades has been setting up music that creates itself with minimal direct guidance. So if anyone out there can forward this to him, I think he’d appreciate it: Oddball, a drum machine that also acts as a standard bouncy ball.

Oddball, billed as “the drum machine crammed in a ball,” has all the functions you would expect from a 21st century drum machine. It’s shareable, loopable, modifiable, and you can even use it to make your own beats over other people’s recordings. But instead of being built like a drum set, it’s a ball, and you make sounds by, you know, bouncing it around and stuff. Maybe it would be better if you just watched the video of it in use below:

Check out Oddball on Kickstarter right here, where you can pre-order one for 78 bucks. And Brian, if you’re reading this: Big fan of your work, man, can’t wait to hear what you do with this.

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