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Oculus TV: A Hub for Watching TV in Virtual Reality (Video)

by Joseph
Oculus TV

Oculus TV

In the world of virtual reality, it’s possible to go anywhere, do anything. Fly above the nighttime streets of New York, travel back to 19th century Paris, hang out with the Brady Bunch, anything your imagination can conjure can happen within the virtual world. And now, thanks to Oculus TV, you can watch TV in virtual reality as well.

Oculus TV is a newly launched TV viewing hub that acts as a virtual 180-inch HDTV, with hookups to all kinds of TV apps like Showtime, Facebook Video, and Pluto TV. Higher profile apps like Netflix and Hulu already have Oculus Go apps so they don’t work in the TV hub, but hey, we’re all making sacrifices in virtual reality. Here’s a very quick look at what it looks like:

You can get Oculus TV on your own Oculus VR setup from the official Oculus site here, where you can also browse around and see what else it can do.

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