Home Tech & Gear Octospot: The “World’s Greatest Action Camera for Diving”

Octospot: The “World’s Greatest Action Camera for Diving”

by Joseph


GoPro has a certain brand dominance in the field of action cameras, so much so that any footage spontaneously captured from its specialized first-person perspective is often referred to as “GoPro” footage even if the camera itself isn’t a GoPro camera. The next time you see some cool underwater footage that looks like it was captured via GoPro, keep the Octospot in mind, since it can go five times deeper under the water than the comparable GoPro Hero 4 Black.

That means that the Octospot can withstand the pressures of up to 200 meters deep, and it can do it without any separate case or external protection. It also has an automatic white balance feature for those infamously low light levels found in the deep, so whatever treasures or terrors you find down there will be as clear as day in the footage you get.

But first, the Octospot has to get through its Kickstarter campaign here, which has almost a month left to go. Pre-orders are starting at $369, with limited quantities set to become available starting next year.


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