Home Entertainment ‘Öctagon’: New Experimental Skate Video From Carhartt WIP (Video)

‘Öctagon’: New Experimental Skate Video From Carhartt WIP (Video)

by Joseph


Outsiders might think that a skate video simply entails pointing a cheap camcorder at a bunch of skateboarders and calling it a day. But the people at Carhartt WIP have enlisted director Joaquim Bayle and brand-sponsored skaters Sylvain Tognelli, Bram De Cleen and Joseph Biais to prove that thinking dead wrong with Öctagon, now available for viewing on the internet.

Öctagon takes the form of a 24-minute futuristic odyssey through the titular skating environment, a mysterious locale described as ” totalitarian and omniscient. Billions of data are generated by this independent system and build a unique reality. Individuals live within the Öctagon. Geographic space doesn’t exist for real, it is not tangible but still defined by a multitude of data.” Uh, OK!

You might be able to make sense of that by watching Öctagon from Carhartt WIP below. And for more, check out the official project site right here.

Here’s the video:

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