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‘Obama: An Intimate Portrait’ by White House Photog Pete Souza

by Joseph
Obama: An Intimate Portrait

Obama: An Intimate Portrait

It feels like 50 years ago, but it really wasn’t so long ago that Barack Obama was president. His White House photographer Pete Souza became a well-known name for his visual chronicling of the Obama presidency, and now he’s putting his work together for “the definitive visual biography of Barack Obama’s historic Presidency.” It’s called Obama: An Intimate Portrait.

Obama: An Intimate Portrait will be published in an oversize 12″x10″ format, and Barry himself has penned the foreword. And Souza had plenty of material to cull from, since over Obama’s eight years in office he snapped a reported two million pics. According to the description on Amazon, “[t]he result is a portrait of exceptional intimacy and a stunning record of a landmark era in American history.”

Obama: An Intimate Portrait comes out in November, about a year to the day after his successor won the last presidential election, and you can pre-order a copy at the book’s Amazon listing right here.

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