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Oakley Latch Sunglasses (Video)

by Joseph
Oakley Latch

Oakley Latch

You know skaters, they’re always struggling with the question of where to put their shades. Now, the plague of discarded and crushed sunglasses littering our nation’s skate parks and shopping malls can finally come to an end, thanks to the new Oakley Latch sunglasses.

Billed as a collaboration between Oakley and “the world of skateboarding,” the Oakley Latch is a typically stylish model of sunglasses, but with an extra feature that values functionality over fashion – a “kick-up” that allows for easy clipping onto your shirt when you’re not wearing them.

The Oakley Latch is the subject of a short promotional video you can watch below.  And to get a pair you’ll need at least $130 at the official Oakley site right here, where you can also get a ton more information on the sunglasses, the people who designed them, and a bunch of other products from the Oakley brand.

Here’s the video:

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