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Nuytco EXOSUIT for Underwater Exploration (Video)

by Joseph


Space exploration gets a lot of press, relatively speaking, but it’s important to remember that there’s still a lot of ground that’ been left unexplored right here on Earth, and you can find it under the sea. Or at least, you would be able to find it, if you had the upcoming Nuytco EXOSUIT, engineered specifically for that purpose.

The Nuytco EXOSUIT is built to make the undersea experience as close to walking around on dry land as possible, in the realm of the wearer’s physical dexterity. It’s also equipped with an atmospheric diving system that allows for safe diving up to 1000 feet under the surface of the water while maintaining flexibility in its rotary joints.

You can get more information on the Nuytco EXOSUIT by checking it out in the video below, or by heading over to Nuytco Research’s official site right here, where additional release details on the suit should be available soon.

Here’s the video:

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