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nuTonomy: Company Releases Self-Driving Taxis (Video)

by Joseph


The winds of automated cars are blowing harder and harder all the time, and most people expected Google or Uber or Tesla or some company like that to be the first to actually put self-driving cars out on the street. But a company called nuTonomy made it there first, putting a self-driving taxicab on the streets of Singapore.

You could call it a promotional stunt if you wanted, but nuTonomy plans to have a full fleet of driverless taxis serving Singapore by 2018. For now, the company has six taxis doing just that—Renault Zoes and Mitsubishi i-MiEVs sans driver and offering rides to riders in Singapore. And they’ve also released a video showing the reactions the taxis have gotten.

It seems pretty wild now, but five years from now there’s a good chance we’ll all be riding around in completely automated vehicles. You can get a glimpse of that future today courtesy of nuTonomy below.  And for more information just take a look at the company’s official site right here.

Here’s the video:

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