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Nuni Toaster Heats Six Tortillas in 60 Seconds

by Joseph
Nuni Toaster

Nuni Toaster

One of the great open culinary secrets is that warm tortillas are the key to happiness. They’re an integral component of tacos and burritos, of course, but there’s also no better way to enjoy bratwurst or other sausages, and the possibilities go far beyond just that. The Nuni Toaster is a new kitchen appliance designed specifically for tortillas, and with maximum efficiency in mind.

The Nuni Toaster can pop out as many as six hot tortillas in a single minute, making it a potential game-changer when it comes to parties and other get-togethers where tortillas are consumed (read: all of them). One potential downside, though: There will be very little to stop you from chowing down on six tacos at a time when you’re home alone.

Available in two color choices, the Nuni Toaster can be pre-ordered from the product’s official site right here, where it’s currently priced at a promotional rate of just under $80. Shipments are slated to begin this summer.

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