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Nuimo Universal Smart Home Controller

by Joseph


If you’re old enough, you remember the feeling of power than accompanied the acquisition of a new universal remote. No TV was immune to¬†your commands! Now there’s a new spin on that idea in the form of Nuimo, a universal remote for everything in your house.

Nuimo is compatible with a host of different smart devices (like Sonos Wireless Speakers, Nest Thermostat, Hue Smart Lights, a couple of different smart locks, and more) and apps (including Soundcloud, Spotify, Netflix, and the like), with more integrations to come. And it sports an intuitive and minimalist touch interface, plus a battery that keeps it going for up to four months at a time.

It’s a great product, especially if your home is already wired up with some of the services mentioned above. And you have about a month to pre-order yours (or just get a lot more info on how it works) at Nuimo’s official Kickstarter right here, where pre-order prices start at $120 and shipments scheduled to begin in October.

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