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Nugget: App Provides “Nuggets From Books That Make You Better”

by Joseph


A long time ago, people used to read books for pleasure, enjoying the stories and/or ideas found inside. Those days, thankfully, are behind us, and now we only read books for the self-improvement tips they contain.  And now there’s a new app that extracts these precious nuggets for effortless consumption. It’s called, helpfully, Nugget.

Nugget gives users the choicest cuts from all the books your dad says you should really read, from the fields of business, economics, and more. Then it provides them in a visually stimulating, swipe-able format that you can read or share on social media – if you feel like blessing your Twitter followers or Facebook friends with this stuff for free, that is.

You can get more information on Nugget at the app’s official site right here, with links to download for your Android or iOS device. Then, it’s up to you to use these nuggets for good, and not evil.

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