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NuDock Power Station Lamp Charges Devices, Provides Light

by Joseph
NuDock Power Station Lamp

NuDock Power Station Lamp

The other day I wrote about the “Flask Light,” which is a flashlight that also holds a flask for sweet, sweet booze. That’s cool, but in the field of lighting implements that also do other things, the NuDock Power Station Lamp is definitely the more practical of the two.

That’s because in addition to charging myriad devices like the iPhone, Apple Watch, and various USB devices, the NuDock Power Station Lamp is also a … lamp. So it’s a perfect addition to any desk or workplace, providing light and battery juice to your electronic arsenal. And who couldn’t use a good lamp? They’re becoming hard to come by these days.

If your desk could use a NuDock Power Station Lamp, you’re not alone, since the product’s fundraising page on IndieGoGo has more than quadrupled its fundraising goal with about a month left to go. You can check it out here, and also get your own NuDock for $129.


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