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Nucleus: An Arcade Coffee Table

by Joseph


The retro arcade cabinet is a fine addition to any home, until it comes time to actually find a place for one in your living room. It looks fine if you’re going for an “All That green room” vibe, but for a more mature home gaming solution, there’s now the Nucleus arcade coffee table.

When not in use, Nucleus looks like a normal, albeit highly reflective, coffee table, and can be used exactly as such. But its inner workings contain a retro gaming console compatible with Steam – it streams Spotify too, in case you have any social gatherings with those unafflicted by Pac-Man Fever.

Nucleus isn’t likely to save you too much money compared to buying a traditional arcade cabinet, but if you throw in the fact that it’s probably going to get a lot more use as a coffee table (and that you can’t really keep magazines on top of a vintage Frogger without them sliding off onto the floor), its $4,380 price tag here isn’t so terrible.

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