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Nubé 2.0 Hammock Shelter From Sierra Madre

by Joseph
Nubé 2.0 Hammock Shelter

Nubé 2.0 Hammock Shelter

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to own and/or regularly use a hammock, you probably know that a perfect hammock day is pretty dependent on weather, since they don’t provide their own shelter from rain or wind. Sierra Madre has a product that does, though: The Nubé 2.0 Hammock Shelter.

The Nubé 2.0 Hammock Shelter, like its name states, is designed largely to fit over the company’s own line of hammocks for protection from the elements. But with a little more luck you could probably enclose your own preexisting hammock in it, and enjoy comfort and relaxation even in the rain (although it would probably be wise to go back inside if there’s a big storm going on).

You can get more info on the Nubé 2.0 Hammock Shelter’s patented design and other treasures from the brand’s inventory at the Sierra Madre online store here, where the product is priced at about $275 in a variety of different colors.


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