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‘Norwegian Joy’: Cruise Ship to Have On-Board Go-Kart Track

by Joseph
Norwegian Joy

Norwegian Joy

Cruise ships are designed to be floating resorts with all the comforts of land in a maritime, nautical form, but there are still some things cruisers have learned to do without. Like go-kart racing, for instance, which is soon to make its cruise ship debut courtesy of the Norwegian Joy.

The Norwegian Joy is the product of the Norwegian Cruise Line, and its two-level go-kart track is only one of its outrageous on-board amusements, which will also include bumper cars, two (!) casinos, a 360-foot water slide, and an ultra-luxe area of 74 private suites known as The Haven.

The bad news is that the Norwegian Joy will only make trips from Shanghai and Beijing, but it may be worth a designated trip if you’ve got the resources to make it happen. For now, stay tuned to the Norwegian Cruise Line’s official site for the project right here for more details and information on the cruise ship’s development.

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