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Norrom Aquarium: An Aesthetically Pleasing Habitat

by Joseph
Norrom Aquarium


There’s a soft line between the aquariums and fish tanks of the world (similar to the soft line between “movies” and “films”), but the sad truth is that even your classier and more expensive aquariums still leave a lot to be desired in the home decor department. Luckily, the proud people of Sweden have come up with the Norrom Aquarium.

The Norrom Aquarium does away with the blights and eyesores that characterize a typical home for fish, like loud air pumps and ugly hanging cables. The functions that make these unfortunate things necessary are performed instead by the aquarium’s power base and central bubble tube. And the bases and lids are all swap-able, so you can customize the look of your Norrom to your own personal preference.

For a closer look at the Norrom Aquarium, just head over to the official Norrom site right here, where they can also be purchased at the starting price of $390, fish not included.


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