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Norrlands Guld JamCooler

by Joseph
Norrlands Guld JamCooler
Norrlands Guld JamCoolerNorrlands Guld JamCooler


Norrlands Guld is a popular beer brand in Sweden.  And although we have enough beer brands to worry about, they’re of interest to us because of their recent collaboration with JamCooler for a specially branded party cooler.

The Norrlands Guld JamCooler has some noteworthy specs, like its 600-watt speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, and battery that can last up to ten hours on one charge. It also performs the usual duties associated with coolers, keeping beer, ice, and beverages cold for an advertised five days.

If that sounds like something that could spice up your outdoor parties this summer, good news: You don’t have to go all the way to Sweden to get a Norrlands Guld JamCooler, because it’s set to be available soon from Caliroots’ online store here, and it ships worldwide.

You can also check out a couple of photos of the Norrlands Guld JamCooler in the above gallery, and see how it looks in both “open” and “closed” mode.

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