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Normal Earphones: Custom Earphones Shaped by Your Ears (Video)

by Joseph
Normal Earphones

Normal Earphones

Amateur detectives have always known that no two individual’s ears are shaped quite the same way. With that in mind, it’s actually a little bit ridiculous that earphone manufacturers have been churning out so many pairs of identically-sized earphones and expecting them to work for all of us. If you’ve ever used earbuds, you probably know this isn’t the case, but Normal is the first product to actually improve the standard operating procedure.

First, you download the Normal app to your smartphone. That lets you photograph your unique ear, which is then analyzed and used to build a custom-fitted pair of Normal earphones that will never fall off and will always fit comfortably (provided your ears don’t change). Best of all, it means no one will ever ask to borrow your earphones.

To get your own pair of Normals, start at the Normal website here. And you can see a video about how the whole thing works below.


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