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Nora Smart Snoring Solution

by Joseph


Snoring: It’s not sexy, hip, cool, or stylish, and you should definitely cut it out! There are plenty of remedies and products out there to help you cut down on your nighttime snoring, but the most cutting-edge of them all is probably Nora from Smart Nora Inc.

Nora is a combination sensor and inflatable pillow insert. When the sensor hears you starting to snore, the pillow insert adjusts itself so your throat muscles relax and your breathing becomes clear again. Your snoring is silenced, and whoever you’re sleeping with (you lucky dog you) has one less reason to murder you in your sleep.

Nora is priced at $200 and up during the product’s Kickstarter campaign right here, where you can also get some more info on how it works. Shipments don’t start until next summer, though, so you and your sleeping partner(s) will have to make due with your Leatherface snoring sounds until May of 2016.

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