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Nomo Auto Icon Series Posters

by Joseph
Nomo Auto Icon Series

Nomo Auto Icon Series

Lots of people love cars, but it’s a select bunch of automotive enthusiasts that love a particular car brand so much they can spot its wares just by looking at the grille, headlights, and vents at the front of the car. It’s these enthusiasts that are the target audience for the new Nomo Auto Icon Series of posters.

The Nomo Auto Icon Series is a collection of sleek, graphically pleasing posters that correspond to a variety of legendary car brands, including BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, Jaguar, and much more. To the untrained eye, the graphics look like a near-random assortment of shapes, but if you’re a devotee you’ll know better.

All of the Nomo Auto Icon Series posters are priced at $30 a pop at the Nomo online store here, where you can get a look at everything in the collection and see if you’re a devoted enough fan to appreciate them.


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