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NomadPlus Portable Battery by Nomad

by Joseph
NomadPlus Portable Battery

NomadPlus Portable Battery

Time that your iPhone spends charging tends to be sort of a one-track deal, but the NomadPlus Portable Battery by Nomad can help you squeeze a little bit more work and time out of your charging periods.

While the NomadPlus won’t wash your dishes or walk your dog while it’s charging your iPhone, it will charge its own internal battery, which you can use to juice up your iPhone when you’re away from home. That means that the infamously short battery life won’t be an issue for you even if you’re going to be away from HQ for the remainder of the following day. Useful, yes?

Unfortunately, the NomadPlus appears to be available only for Apple products as of now, but it’s possible that future models will work with a wider array of devices. For now, to invite the NomadPlus’ compact, smart charging system into your home, just head over to the Nomad online store here, where it’s priced at just under $40.

(via Hypebeast)

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