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Nomad Pod: Portable Charger for the Apple Watch

by Joseph
Nomad Pod

Nomad Pod

One of the biggest complaints out there about the Apple Watch (and about smartwatches in general) is their pitiful battery life. Apple says their smartwatch can last up to 18 hours under “normal use,” but having to charge your wristwatch every 18 hours would be a pretty major behavior adjustment. There is an alternative, though.  It won’t magically turn your Apple Watch into a solar-powered Timex, but the Nomad Pod will make keeping it juiced up a lot less annoying.

The Nomad Pod is a portable charging station designed specifically for the Apple Watch, and it’s said to be able to hold up to four full charges, which means with a little strategy it will be more than able to keep you covered throughout your work week.

You can pre-order the Nomad Pod for just $60 at the official Nomad site here, where you can also get a lot more information on the Apple Watch charger and what it can do.

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