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Nokia OZO: Commercial Virtual Reality Camera

by Joseph
Nokia OZO

Nokia OZO

It figures that as we begin to enter the virtual reality phase of our technological future, we’d begin to see various cameras madeĀ for the collection of 360-degree footage for purposes of virtual reality. Cameras such as the Nokia OZO, which is almost as notable for its striking visual design as for its intended function.

The Nokia OZO is the first virtual reality camera developed by a major company (not counting something like the Sphericam 2) and it was clearly designed from the start as an attention-grabber. It’s outfitted with eight sensor-cameras as well as eight microphones for immersive sound as well as image, and that give it a unique, almost spiky, futuristic appearance.

You can see the Nokia OZO’s futuristic appearance in the photo above, but additional details on the camera, like release dates and pricing, are still to be announced. You can glean what you can for now at the camera’s official site right here, or enjoy a short promotional video below.

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