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Nokia 8110: Neo’s Phone in ‘The Matrix’ Is Back (Video)

by Joseph
Nokia 8110

Nokia 8110

I was just 11 years old when The Matrix came out, so while I remember its advertising campaign and eventually seeing the movie itself on home video quite vividly, I wasn’t really aware of any tech or fashion trends to come out of the movie’s unique visual style. Which is why I’m only just now learning about the cult following of the Nokia 8110, the distinctive “banana phone” Neo uses in The Matrix, now making its return to the computer simulation we call modern life.

The new Nokia 8110 makes the banana vibe more explicit with a bright yellow color scheme that Neo wouldn’t be caught dead using in addition to its traditional black. It will also run a new Smart Feature OS, which will have its own app store to make up for the fact that it won’t run Android apps. Also, you’ll be able to play Snake.

The Nokia 8110 is reportedly coming back to Europe in May, but a wider release may be soon to follow. In the meantime you can check it out in the video below.

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