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Nokia 3310 Makes Triumphant Return

by Joseph
Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310

Smartphones are nice, but it’s not unusual for people to lament the simplicity and elegance of the previous era of mobile phone technology—an era exemplified by the Nokia 3310. So it’s cool that Nokia is bringing back the 3310 in an updated version, but not one that’s just a smartphone in disguise.

The new Nokia 3310 phones will have full color screens, batteries that work for up to 22 hours between charges, and of course that old familiar classic Snake. It will also have a web browser and camera, but if you’re looking for a fully functional smartphone substitute, look elsewhere. This is the real deal, physical keyboard and all.

The closest thing to traveling back to the early 2000s that doesn’t carry the additional responsibility of trying to warn everyone about Donald Trump will set you back about $53 once the new Nokia 3310 makes its way to North America.  And in the meantime, you can get more information from Nokia’s official site here.

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