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Noke: The World’s First Bluetooth Padlock

by Joseph


Worst thing about securing your stuff with a padlock is that you might lose the key or forget the combination, which then requires you to go through an awful lot of trouble (not to mention time and expense) to get the lock open so you can start all over. That’s just one problem that won’t happen if you use Noke, which is billed by its inventors as the “World’s First Bluetooth Padlock.”

Noke does pretty much what you’d expect a Bluetooth padlock to do, opening on command when it senses your phone nearby. And, in the event of your phone being lost, stolen, or otherwise out of commission, you can also program a custom access code into the lock with which you can open it manually.

The Kickstarter page for Noke has another 28 days to go to raise funds, but they’ve already more than doubled their goal. Still, you might want to check it out here for more info or to place a pre-order starting at $60.

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