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Nocs Atelier Seconds Watch

by Joseph
Nocs Atelier Seconds

Nocs Atelier Seconds

I’ve always thought the second hand on a conventional watch never gets enough credit. Sure, we pay a baseline amount of attention to it thanks to its constant motion, and we refer to it (or at least we used to before the digital era) when we needed an exact time of something or another, but most of the time we probably feel like we could do without it. Well, it’s finally getting its due thanks to the Nocs Atelier Seconds.

The Nocs Atelier Seconds purportedly “challenges you to view time through your own unique lens,” which is marketing speak for the fact that the second hand of the watch is made from either rose gold or silver, and as such provides the only color contrast on the otherwise all-black watch (the hour and minute hands are still visible, but you’ve got to work to read them).

It’s an extremely novel design for a watch, and you can check out both varieties priced at $280 each at the Nocs Atelier online store right here.

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